12 West Street

Tue–Wed: 10am–3pm
Thu-Sat: 10am–4pm

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Whin is a unique homeware shop on West Street in Berwick-upon-Tweed. I want to create a space where I can share my vintage finds alongside wonderful brands, makers and artists—a carefully curated collection of pieces that I love and I hope you will, too.

I love vintage ceramics, pottery, glassware and books. My love for all things vintage goes way back, I am drawn to items which have had a previous life, interested in what they were used for, their history and the joy that they can be loved all over again.

I stock a range of products from brilliant small businesses across the UK focusing on quality and individuality. I hope an eclectic mix of new and vintage finds will allow an ever-changing collection in store. In addition I aim to stock locally grown plants on a regular basis because every home needs a plant or two!

My amazing suppliers

Revival Homewares East End Press The Plant Gift Co Another Studio for Design Sarah Frances Holland Road Prints Printer Johnson Felt So Good Chikai Shop

Why Whin?

Whin—also known as gorse, ulex or furze—is an evergreen, thorny shrub with small, yellow flowers that I’m sure most people recognise. I wanted to name the shop after something meaningful to me and I love nature and flowers. One of my favourites is whin because it grew in abundance in my parents’ fields and the smell reminds me of sunny childhood days.

According to folklore it was said to be associated with resilience and optimism. It is connected to spring equinox and the Celtic god of light, Lugh, because of its ever blooming yellow flowers. It is a seeker of sunlight and warmth, and when destroyed—either by man or nature—it is quick to sprout new shoots and grow, forever chasing new light. There are lots of positive connections to whin that made me love it even more!